Five secrets of Ribas Hotels Group in hotel management

Author: Yulia Kosenko, Chief Operating Officer of Ribas Hotels Group

Five secrets of Ribas Hotels Group in hotel management

Author: Yulia Kosenko, Chief Operating Officer of Ribas Hotels Group

In the hospitality world, competition is fierce, and owning a hotel requires not only aesthetic design and a comfortable location but also strategic management to succeed. One of the key strategies that has a huge positive impact on the efficiency and profitability of a hotel is cooperation with a management company. Having an experienced hotel management company can turn an ordinary facility into a high-tech and strategic business. Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits that hotel owners get from participating in a management company project.

Opportunity for strategic development

A management company enables hotels to operate effectively at various levels. That is, its responsibilities include strategy development, operations, control, and many other aspects.

For example, a hotel owner cannot always afford a CFO who would perform more than just accounting duties. Those who can afford it don’t always have a sufficient budget to hire a general manager who has the right level of competence to achieve strategic goals.

In addition, when managing a hotel on their own, the owner cannot effectively organize a training department, especially if the hotel has only 50-70 rooms. This also applies to other key aspects, such as marketing, sales, and PR.

Having a positive image

In fact, when a management company comes in, it has a large base of guests who are familiar with it. In addition, the hotel under management has PR and marketing departments which are used for its promotion. In other words, due to the high level of trust in the management company, the reputation of the managed property improves.

Increase in the cost of accommodation

The presence of a management company always affects the price of hotel accommodation. For example, given the wider range of services provided by the management company, the price increases.
         Our company always changes the average price per night after starting to manage hotels. For example, in WOL.07 by Ribas in Bukovel, the cost of 1 night before we took over was about 2000 UAH. When we entered the project, it became 4000 UAH.

In the photo: WOL.07 apartment hotel by Ribas 

We also develop additional services that affect pricing. There are examples when additional hotel services were profitable. It can be a restaurant. The Helios hotel by Ribas got a 50% increase in restaurant revenue.

The opportunity to avoid micromanagement
        The prospect of avoiding micromanagement opens up the possibility for the hotel owner to simply enjoy the business. He owns the hotel, receives reports and has a team that is constantly in touch.

Ribas Hotels Group, the management company that runs the hotel chain, provides hotel owners with a number of significant benefits that help them manage their hotels more efficiently and profitably. Let’s move on to the specifics of our approach.

Hotel management secrets from Ribas Hotels Group

In our work, we strive for a special approach to our clients. Keeping in touch with our guests and partners is an important task, and for us, it is not just a duty, but a real mission. And it can be conditionally combined into a triangle that we focus on partners (business owners), our guests, and our team.

As for our tools for meeting the needs of partners and guests, let’s look at them below.

  1. Chatbots. For example, a chatbot that we use for our partners, where they can see all the information that is important to them. They can see it for a day, a week, a month, and keep their finger on the pulse of what is happening in their hotel. It is very important to keep this connection.
  2. Guest care department. We have a guest care department that calls our guests and develops all possible ways of feedback. For example, our chatbot automatically sends messages to guests after check-in to find out about their wishes and provide a convenient way to give feedback.
  3. Training department. We have internal trainers in this department who are assigned to the regions, as well as the head of the department, and they work on changing standards, adding checklists and the like.
  4. Caring. We give cookies and write handwritten letters when guests leave. We analyze people’s needs. For example, we have recently added hand cream and lip balm to the room set of one of the hotels in Bukovel.
  5. Focus on change. What we change in the hotel is solely our responsibility, which is why we have a professional room fitter and plans for the renovation of each property. We know what we want it to look like in the short and long term.

Our team at Ribas Hotels Group strives for constant change and improvement, so we ask ourselves the question: “Why is it this way and not otherwise?”. And this focus on continuous improvement is a key element of our success as a management company. We believe that our changes are our results, and that’s why we focus on the details and improve every aspect of our service. We make our hotels special for our guests.

It is better to start cooperation before construction

We believe that technology is the most important thing in the project. If it is broken, the cost part can be very high. So, at the design stage, you can do a lot of unnecessary things or not take into account something very important.

To build a hotel, you need to understand how it will work in advance. You need to develop a concept, a portrait of the guest, and provide for specific elements, such as room sizes, number of rooms, additional services, availability of service rooms, organization of guest and employee traffic, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to provide for hotel quality management.

On the photo: DIDUKH Eco-Hotel & SPA

Even when designing service areas, it is important to clearly define their location, separating them from guest areas. Mistakes in location, such as placing heating equipment in the middle of a guest area, can affect logistics and operational processes, increasing costs and the need for more staff. It is important to carefully consider all aspects, from the number of elevators to the size of office space. Improperly selected solutions can lead to additional remodeling costs in the future.

When developing the concept and design of a hotel, it is worth turning to an experienced team that can optimally calculate the operational and technical aspects and further manage the hotel’s revenue. By entering the project as a management company from the very beginning, we have the opportunity to create a hotel that not only operates efficiently but also meets the needs of guests.

Our company has many years of experience in hotel management and is currently working on projects in Ukraine and around the world. Currently, Ribas Hotels Group has 28 hotels under management and 26 hotels under design and construction.For more information about the service Operational management of hotel and restaurant business, please follow the link.

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